Recruitment of College Students Is Truly Big Business

The Advisory Board Company, a research, technology, and consulting firm, is buying Royall & Company, a Virginia-based business specializing in student recruitment, for $850 million. (See The Chronicle story here.)

I inherited a relationship with Royall when I assumed the presidency of a small liberal arts college. The college seemed happy with Royall because Royall was largely responsible for a precipitous increase in student applications. That’s the reason colleges and universities hire Royall and firms like Royall: to increase apps and enrollment. Continue reading

Academic Fit: Finding the Right Student Body

It’s best to enroll at a college where you’re a good fit not only culturally but also academically. If you’re keen on attending a private college, this list of the 102 smartest private colleges (based on SAT scores) might come in handy.

Academic fit is actually kind of a big deal. Continue reading

Financial Aid Strategies

I’m assuming there are ways to position yourself to maximize your financial aid award. I’d be shocked if there isn’t. But I’m not a financial aid expert and, quite frankly, I have no desire to become one. Yet I thought this MarketWatch article today on “How to increase your chances of getting college aid” contain some helpful tips, so I’m passing it along.

I’ll mention again a point I made earlier about the potential impact of the order of your list of 10 schools in the FAFSA. I’ve also written about the possibility of your admission prospects being adversely impacted by the mere request for financial aid.

Successfully navigating the financial aid minefield isn’t easy. If you manage to do it well, the college should award you 3 credits.

If You’re Interested in Journalism . . .

If you’re majoring in or considering majoring in journalism, you’d do well to listen in on Barry Ritholtz’s interview of William Grueskin, Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism and former Managing Editor of the Wall Street Journal online. Continue reading

If You’re Considering Law School, You’d Better Read This

“Over a third of people who graduated law school in 2013 either didn’t have a job or had one that had little to do with the fact that they had gone to law school for the last three years.” Natalie Kitroeff, “Four Charts That Explain Why America Has Too Many Law Schools,” BloombergBusinessWeek. Continue reading

As Far As Colleges Are Concerned, The Status Quo Is Unsustainable

“[T]he status quo is not sustainable. Unrelenting demand for better-educated workers, rapidly developing technological capacity to support learning digitally and the soaring costs of conventional campus life are driving us toward substantial change.”

This quote was lifted from an op-ed in the December 11, 2014, online edition of The New York Times (available in print in 12/12 NY edition), penned by Mitchell L. Stevens, an associate professor of education at Stanford and co-editor of “Remaking College: The Changing Ecology of Higher Education.” Professor Stevens’s op-ed hit the nail on the head. Here are a few other of his thoughts: Continue reading

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